Rushcliffe Indoor Bowls Club

League Rules and Procedures

All players must be:
a. Full members of the Rushcliffe Indoor Bowls Club (RIBC) and paid the appropriate membership fee by the start of the indoor season.
b. Registered to play for that team by being included on the team’s Registration Sheet and with the appropriate Registration Fee having been paid. This rule is subject to modification where a substitute is used – see Rule 5(d).

a. The Club Committee shall determine for each league season:
i. The number and type of leagues to be played.
ii. The length of season and the duration of the Christmas and New Year break.
iii. The Registration Fee.
iv. Whether the Substitute’s Rule (5(d) shall be varied.
v. Whether the rule covering Team Captains with more than one team in the same league shall be varied – see (e) below.
b. All leagues shall be ‘open’
c. There are no restrictions on the number of players who may be registered for a team.
d. Additional players may be added by teams at any time provided the conditions of Rule 1 are met.
e. Captains who run more than one team in the same league have the flexibility to move players between teams to avoid playing a player short.
f. The dress code for all league matches shall be white above the waist with grey trousers for men and grey regulation skirt or trousers for ladies.

a. Scorecards for each league match will be available at Reception. One member of each team shall collect the scorecard and pay the appropriate rink fee for all members of that team.
b. After the completion of the match it is the responsibility of each team to ensure the two scorecards are in agreement. Both scorecards shall be signed off by both teams.
c. Completed scorecards shall then be placed in the ‘Scorecards Box’ on the wall near the entrance door.

a. All games shall be of two hours.
b. Matches start after the ‘starter bell’ has sounded. Jacks must not be cast before this.
c. Once the ‘warning bell’ has sounded towards the end of the match all ends in play will be completed but no further ends started.
d. Provided the jack has been properly delivered from the mat before the ‘warning bell’ sounds that end will be completed.
e. Teams are permitted to change their playing order during the course of a match subject to the restriction on substitutes and late arrivals (see Rules 5(d) and (e).
f. If the Lead delivers the jack and it goes off the rink, it shall be placed on the ‘T’ and the opposing Lead allowed to move the mat anywhere within the legal limits. The original Lead shall then deliver the first bowl.
g. Visits to the head are not allowed at any stage of an end.
h. League tables will be constructed on the basis of two points for a win and one for a draw.

a. The start of a game may be delayed for a maximum of ten minutes if a team is short of a player (or players) expected to arrive shortly.
b. If, in a game of triples a team is waiting for one player to arrive and that player does not arrive before the expiry of the ten minute period of grace, the game must be played with two players who shall bowl their usual number of woods only – i.e. no extra woods. The bowling order shall be, with Team A a player short:
Where Team A bowls first –
A Lead, B Lead then B2 and repeat pattern till all bowled their three woods
Where Team B bowls first –
B Lead, A Lead then B2 and repeat pattern till all bowled their three woods.
c. If a team fails to turn up for a match, or has insufficient players to play to use Rule 5(b) above, they must concede the match to their opponents who shall receive two points and ten shots.
d. A team short of a player may use any available player as substitute provided that player is a fully paid-up member of RIBC and does not play skip. Teams may only use one substitute in a team, i.e. in a triples game it is not permissible to field two substitues.
e. Where a team is playing one player short in accordance with Rule 5(b) above and a substitute is found, or a late team member arrives, that player may join the team provided no more than thirty minutes has elapsed from the proper start time. That player may not skip.
f. Where a substitute is used the scorecard must be marked accordingly and the opposition notified.
g. If both teams are one player short in a triples match it shall be played as a three-wood pairs match. No player may be added to a team once the pairs format has started.
h. If a player becomes ill during a match or is unable to continue, the match score will stand if 75% of the match time has elapsed. Otherwise it will be a matter for agreement between the skips with the options being:
1. If a reasonable proportion of the game has been played to allow the score to stand.
2. Abandon the game and replay it, in full, at a date to be agreed.
3. Continue the game with the team short of a player using a substitute,
if available. Rule 5(d) applies.
4. Continue the game without a substitute as provided in Rule 5(b).

a. Postponements
i. Games may be postponed by mutual agreement of the two Team Captains. The Team Captain asking for the postponement is responsible for notifying the Arena and League Secretary.
ii. The Team Captains are expected to come to an amicable arrangement for the new playing date. The game must be played before the completion of the last full cycle of fixtures in that league.
iii. Once the new date has been agreed, the Team Captain asking for the postponement is responsible for booking the rink and notifying the League Secretary.
iv. If a team wishes to postpone a match but the opposing team does not agree, the matter should be referred to the League Secretary for determination whose decision is final.
v. In the event of a postponed match not being re-arranged and played it will be for the League Secretary to determine whether either team shall receive two points and ten shots.
b. Failure to Fulfil a Fixture
As a general principle teams are expected to fulfil all fixtures as concessions, particularly late in the season, can affect final league positions. The following rules shall apply to concessions:
If both teams by mutual agreement decide not to fulfil a fixture then no points or shots will be allocated to either team.
If a team concedes a game the opposing team shall receive two points and ten shots.
Once a game has been conceded it shall not be played at a later date.

a. Laws of the Game
Except as specified in these Rules, all matches are played in accordance with the rules set by the World Indoor Bowls Council.
b. League Ties at the end of the Season
If two or more teams are tied at the top of the table at the end of the season, the winner shall be the team with the best shot difference. If this fails to
produce a winner it will be the team scoring most shots.
c. Default of Rules
Where a team is in default of the rules where a penalty is not prescribed, the Club Committee will decide what, if any, penalty to impose.
d. Appeals
Any objections, complaints or appeals shall be made to the League Secretary for resolution. Any case remaining unresolved shall be referred
to the Club Committee.

The Committee
Amended August 2019