Except as specified in these rules all matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Indoor Bowls as adopted by the World Indoor Bowls Council.



(a)            Each team’s players must be registered to play for that team. They must be FULL members of the Rushcliffe Indoor Bowls Club before they are eligible to play. Playing unregistered players or non-members will result in the team conceding the match to their opponents who will receive 2 points and 10 shots. Should the same unregistered player or non-member play on more than one occasion before the League Secretary is notified of the rule breach, the penalty to be imposed as set out above shall apply to the FIRST game only.

(b)            Applications for admission to any league must be made on the prescribed form with a captain designated.

(c)             Forms for registration must be returned to the Arena Reception or League Secretary on or before the date specified thereon and the appropriate entry fees paid before the season commences.

(d)            Any permanent change in the registered players must be agreed with the League Captain and payment, if applicable, made for the additional players. The registration of additional players after 31st December is at the discretion of the League Secretary or the Committee.


  1. DRESS

Dress for all league players shall be white above the waist with grey trousers for men and grey regulation skirt or trousers for ladies.



                  FOURS                     Any 4 from 10 registered players

                  TRIPLES                   Any 3 from any 8 registered players

                  PAIRS                       Any 2 from 6 registered players

A player may not be registered for more than one in the same league, or a division of that league.



(a)            A team may play ONE substitute player in a game provided he/she is a fully paid up member of Rushcliffe Indoor Bowls Club and is not registered for another team in that league or a division of that league.

(b)            A team may only use a substitute up to four times in any one season and any one person may only be used twice.

(c)             The substitute may not skip.

(d)            The opposing skip must be informed of any substitute and the score-card must be clearly marked at the start of the match.

e)            The use of substitutes except as allowed above will result in the defaulting team conceding the game and their opponents will receive 2 points and 10 shots.



(a)            One team short of a player at the start of a match:

If a substitute is not available teams may play one player short in triples and fours and the order of play will be as follows:-

(i)              The two leads play their bowls in succession.

(ii)            The second player delivers consecutive bowls.

(iii)           The end continues as normal.

Note: – Each player in the team short may only play the same number of bowls as they would have, had the team not have been a player short.

(b)            if a registered player of the team playing one player short arrives within 30mins of the scheduled start of the game, that player may join the play at the start of the next round, but may not skip.

Similarly a substitute , if found within the 30 minutes as specified above, may join the game at the beginning of the next end, but may not skip.

Other than provided in (d) below, a player arriving after expiry of 30minutes from the scheduled start of the game, shall not be permitted to join the game.

(c)             In the event of both teams being a player short, the game shall be played with each player bowling the same   number of bowls as would have been played if the team had a full complement of players.

(d)            Illness during a match

If a match is started with both teams having a full complement of players and during the course of the match a player is unable to continue through illness, the following shall apply:-

(1)            If the illness is severe, the skips may agree to abandon the match and replay it in full at a later date.

(2)            If the skips feel it is appropriate to continue the match:-

(i)              The team short may play a substitute, if available, but the substitute may not skip.

(ii)            If a substitute is not played, the team short shall operate under rule 6(a) above.



(a)            Games may be postponed by mutual consent of the two team Captains. The Team captain asking for the postponement will be responsible for notifying the Arena Management and League Captain of the postponement.

(b)            The team captain of the team not asking for the postponement must then offer three dates for the re-arranged game to be played, within in the time scale set out in Rule 7(e). The team asking for the postponement must accept one of these dates. If none of the three dates is accepted Rule 7)f) will apply.

(c)             The team captain of the team asking for the postponement will be responsible for booking the rink for the re-arranged game and notifying the League Captain.

(d)            If a team captain wishes to postpone a match but the opposing team captain does not agree, the matter may be referred to the League Secretary for arbitration, whose decision will be final. Team captains are warned that should this situation arise, postponements will only be agreed in exceptional circumstances.

  1. e) All agreed postponed matches must be played within 28 days of the postponed date, or before the end of the final full cycle of games, whichever is the sooner.
  1. In the event of a postponed match not being re-arranged and played, the team which did not seek the postponement will receive two points and ten shots. The team seeking the postponement will have two points deducted from its total point’s total.
  1. It is permissible to bring forward a fixture where a captain has serious problems in fielding a team for the date stated in the fixture list.


  1. Both captains agree
  2. The League Secretary has been informed.
  3. The Arena Management is advised so that cancellation and re-booking are arranged.
  4. Score-cards are clearly marked showing the original match date.

(a)            Notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 6, a period of grace, 10 minutes, will be allowed for a team delayed. If after that period has elapsed the team is not on the rink and ready to play, their opponents will be declared the winners and shall be awarded 2 points and 10 shots. The offending team will become responsible for the full rink fees (i.e. for both teams) before they can continue in that league, unless a casual game is played in which case the participants will share the costs

(b)            Before the start of a game, the skip will be responsible for the correct details being on the score cards, including the noting of substitutes, if any. At the end of the game both score cards must be signed by both skips or the person responsible for keeping the scorecard, and placed in the slot provided, under the appropriate fixture list on the LEAGUE NOTICE BOARD.

(c)             All league games shall consist of 17 ends or 2 hours, whichever occurs the sooner. Trial ends are not permitted. Two points are awarded for a win, one for a draw.

(d)            Whenever a jack is lost by default, the jack shall be placed on the “T”, and the opposing lead may place the mat in any chosen legal position.

Note; Minimum distance of 23 metres from front of mat to the leading edge of the jack.

(e)            Visits to the head are not permitted.

(f)              Matches commence with the delivery of the jack after the starting buzzer (not before), and finish at completion of the end being played at the sounding of the warning buzzer, provided the jack has been properly delivered from the mat

Game etiquette is extremely desirable. Mobile phones are to be muted, and time wasting and faulty jack delivery must be discouraged, particularly towards the end of the game.



At the end of the League programme if two or more teams have an equal number of points the winners shall be decided by shots difference. In the unlikely event that points and shots difference are the same, the team scoring the highest number of shots will be the winner.


  1. PROMOTION AND RELEGATION. (Leagues consisting of two divisions)

Based on the final league table for the season the bottom two teams of Division 1 shall be relegated to             Division 2 and the top two teams of Division 2 shall be promoted to Division 1.


  1. The concession of games can be detrimental to other teams in the league and should be avoided. All teams are expected to fulfil all of their fixtures.
  1. If two teams, by mutual agreement, do not fulfil a fixture then neither team will be awarded point or shots.
  1. If a team concedes a game, the opposing team will be awarded two points and ten shots. The team who

concedes the game will have two points deducted from its total point’s total.

  1. Once a game has been conceded it shall not be played at a later date12. DEFAULT OF RULES

In the event of teams being in default of the rules, where the penalty is not specified, the Committee will be responsible for deciding what penalty should be imposed.



Any objections, appeals or complaints shall be made initially by phone, and then in writing within 14 days, to the League Secretary. If no resolution can be found, the matter will be discussed by the Committee, whose decision will be final.

Amended Season 2011/2012