Etiquette on the green is covered both in the Laws of the Game and by the common courtesies that we extend to each other whilst we play. It is a combination of good manners and sportsmanship, and are ‘unwritten’ Laws of the Game.  This etiquette should be observed in all games, whether casual, Umbrella, or any level of competitive game.

Before playing

  1. Arrive at the Bowls Hall in appropriate dress, grey bottoms and white tops, in sufficient time to be ready to commence on the buzzer. Change into flat soled bowls shoes to play on the green.
  2. Bowls bags and personal items should be left either in changing rooms, in lockers or safely under chairs to avoid causing a safety hazard for other bowlers.
  3. Mobile phones should not be taken on the green and must be put into silent mode out of courtesy to other bowlers.

During the game

  1. Shake hands at the start of the game and exchange names.
  2. The game commences once the buzzer has sounded, but the jack may be cast prior to this in readiness.
  3. Be aware of what’s going on around you at all times.
  4. When its your turn to bowl, check that players on adjoining rinks, both ends, are not in the final stages of delivering their bowl.  Allow them to do so before you bowl as it might distract them, and you would expect the same courtesy.
  5. Check your bowls’ bias before bowling.
  6. After you have delivered your bowl, remain on the mat watching its’ progress, but leave the mat immediately the bowl has come to rest. 
  7. Do not walk down the sides of the rink whilst your bowl is travelling as it may impeded bowlers on adjoining rinks. Walking a short distance down the centre of your rink is acceptable, but you must be behind the mat when your bowl has come to rest.
  8. Stand still at the head when a player is about to bowl. Do not wander onto adjoining rinks.
  9. Never applaud or complain about lucky bowls, it happens but evens out in general.
  10. While the end is ongoing, only the number three (in fours) or number two (in trips) should be at the head.  All other players remain still, behind the head.
  11. When walking down to the head, do so swiftly mindful of play on the adjoining rinks.
  12. Remember the requirements of your position.  Only give opinions on the head if the number three (in fours) or number two (in trips) asks you to do so.
  13. At the completion of the end it is the number three (in fours) or number two (in trips) that decide the outcome.  Keep out of the head until they have decided and then move the bowls back to behind the mat ready for the next end.
  14. At the other end skips place the mat flat on the bank, not hanging over the edge or beyond the bank making it difficult for the lead to retrieve.
  15. At the end of the game, once the buzzer has sounded no more jacks can be delivered.  Where a jack has just been delivered prior to the buzzer sounding, the end must be completed.
  16. At the end of the game all players should shake hands and the skips should make sure score cards are correctly completed, signed and placed in scorecard collection box.